Trout Sampling on the Smith River

If there’s one way to learn more about your local fishery, it’s to ride along with the biologist that manage it.  A few members of Smith River Trout Unlimited recently had that opportunity.
Here are a few images from a recent sampling of the Smith River in Martinsville, Virginia.

A Little Southern Culture.

It’s not often you’ll see words here.  But this time, I have to take time to thank my buddy Mike Sepelak.  He’s way better with the pen than I’ll ever be.  See for yourself: Mike’s Gone Fishing Again.
You can see the article that spawned these photo’s here: Southern Culture on the Fly.
Train on the banks of the Smith River in Bassett, Virginia
Train crossing a small bridge on the Smith River in Bassett, Virginia
Sign on the way to some good fishing on the Smith River
Train Tracks

Ultimate Frisbee at Smith River Sport Complex

Ultimate Frisbee came back to the Smith River Sports complex over the weekend. I’ve always been up for a challenge, but getting the timing down on a sport you have never played is fairly difficult.  Hopefully with a little more practice I will get the action shots I see in my head. 


March 11, 2007

It’s a pretty safe bet that whatever I throw back to is going to involve a fish or a river.